Welcome to Folipharm GmbH. We deliver high-quality supplements that benefit mother and child before, during, and after the pregnancy. The specific nutrients folic acid and iodine are found in MomKidDad® and MomKidDad®+.  The prescribed dose of folic acid and iodine can hardly be absorbed by food alone, so a supplement must be required during pregnancy. MomKidDad®+ also contains important vitamins B12 (important to prevent anemia) and D3 (necessary to prevent bone loss).

These basic nutrients enable you to prepare for childbirth, ensure that nutrients are properly supplied during pregnancy, and make the breastfeeding process complication-free.

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Our Products

MomKidDad® & MomKidDad+®

In Germany, all Folipharm GmbH products are manufactured according to strict pharmaceutical regulations and comply with WHO recommendations, National health authorities, and the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BFR) and consumer centres. MomKidDad® and MomKidDad®+ are also suited for a gluten-free diet. MomKidDad® is a pure vegan product. The added vitamin D3 in MomKidDad®+ is derived from sheep wool but is highly purified. There are no traces of DNA can be found. Our pharmaceutical products’ slogan is, “Less is better!” so our products do not contain alcohol, extra colouring, scent, preservatives, GMOs, or nanoparticles.

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Advantages of MomKidDad® and MomKidDad®+ at a glance

  • Practical donor

  • Attractive packaging

  • No additives

  • High quality 'Made in Germany'

  • You only get what you need

  • No unnecessary overdose of vitamins

  • Incomparable price-performance ratio

About us

Folipharm GmbH is a German company based in Berlin. We create special dietary supplements for women who want to conceive, pregnant women, and breast-feeding mothers. Our MomKidDad® and MomKidDad®+ products are manufactured in Germany and globally sold. We try to attach considerable importance to our special dietary supplements’ accessibility to as many women as possible. The main aim is for young mothers to spend a peaceful and carefree time between conception and breastfeeding completion.

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